Products: Natural Gas Pipeline & Distribution

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Central Plastics Company
  • PE Fittings-Butt, Socket, Electrofusion
  • Electrofusion, Buttfusion & Socketfusion Equipment
  • Anodeless Risers, Transition Fittings
  • Insulated Unions, Flange Packs, Meter Swivels
  • Polyethylene gas pipe systems for Natural Gas Applications
  A.Y McDonald Mfg. Co.
  • Low & High Pressure Gas Meter Stops
  Continental Industries
  • Steel Service Tees, PVC Fittings for Tube
  Smith-Blair, Inc.
  • Repair Clamps, Saddles for Gas Service
  Sensus Metering Systems
  • Meters and Regulaters for Natural Gas Use
  Perfection Corporation
  • Permasert Repair Couplings, 3-Way Tees, Elic, Redicers and Excess Flow Valves
  Highfield Mfg. Co.
  • Barrel Locks and Security Products
  Dresser Mfg. Co.
  • Style 90 Couplings, Repair Clamps and Service
  • Saddles for Steel Pipe
  • Pipe and Cable Locators
  Connectra Fusion
  • Fusion Equipment
  T.D. Williamson
  • Pipeline Services

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