Products: Water & Wastewater Pipeline & Distribution

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Water & Wastewater Pipeline & Distribution | Telecom Products

Central Plastics Company
  • PE Fittings-Butt, Socket, Electrofusion
  • Electrofusion, Buttfusion & Socketfusion Equipment
  • Anodeless Risers, Transition Fittings
  • Insulated Unions, Flange Packs, Meter Swivels
  J-M Manufacturing Co., Inc.
  • ASTM D3350 Polyethylene Pipe for Water, Sewer, and Industrial Applications, 3408, 1/2" - 54"

  • Full Line of Polyethylene Valves Through 12"

  W L PLastics
  • HDPE Polyethylene Pipe for Water IDEA BLUE and Sewer CAMCORE

  • FlexRib Chimney Seals and Internal Joint Seals

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