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Central Plastics Company
  • PE Fittings-Butt, Socket, Electrofusion
  • Electrofusion, Buttfusion & Socketfusion Equipment
  Condux International, Inc.
  • Cable Pullers, Winch Line Blowers, Swivels, Pulling Eyes, Etc.
  Four Star Plastics
  • Poly Film Tubing and Sheeting
  • Duct Plugs, Pulling Eyes, E-Loc Couplings, Pulling Tape and Propull Lube
  Poly-Cam, Inc.
  • Couplings for joining PE to PVC and Schedule 40 to C Duct
  Four Star Industries
  • Manufacturer and distributor of high density polyethylene (HDPE) conduit for telecommunication and electrical energy infrastructure products and systems.
  Prime Conduit
  • Manufactures superior conduit products for the telecommunications and utility markets.
  Martin Enterprises
  • Manufactures the highest quality underground utility enclosures to the power and communications industries across the U.S. and Canada.

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